Monday, March 05, 2018

Ugly dinner - bundt pan lasagna

So this isn't a happy memory for me, but frankly the photos are too hilarious not to post. 
Last Fall some time I saw  this Buzzfeed video for lasagna party ring.  I thought it looked like a fun twist on lasagna - something we like- and decided to make it for Christmas Eve dinner, and I could take some to my Mom and Dad in  the hospital for their dinner.  
Then life went rotten and by the time Christmas came, we were spending our last days with my Mom before she passed away.  But when you have small kids you have to try to keep some normalcy about their lives, so I continued with our plans as best I could.

So!  This lasagne is made in a bundt pan.  
I watched the video multiple times and thought - how hard could it be?


You boil up your noodles, grease up you bundt, and start laying the noodles down in the pan with the edges hanging over the sides so you can cover the bottom layer with the edge noodles.  
This nearly did me in, seriously.  My noodles would NOT stay in place, they kept slithering down in the pan.  And it seemed so bulky, so much noodle - where would the sauce and cheese go?  I whispered-screamed while I fought with those effing noodles and tried not to cry.
Here's my end result. 

I know.  I KNOW.
Before I started battling with the noodles, I made the very delicious meat sauce, and then carefully layered cheese, noodles and sauce into the dish.
I felt a little better - it didn't look so bad now!

Yikes.  Well, at least that is the bottom.....

Heyyyyyy - looking good! 

It had some time to cool, and the I popped it out of the pan, and ....... ummmmmm.

Is that not hideous looking?  It looks like a raw sweaty chicken.
And when I cut a piece to take to my dad, it slowly started to collapse.

Not my best result in the kitchen, to be sure.  The Mister and the kids said it tasted fine, but it sure won't be making a repeat performance at our house.  
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