Thursday, November 02, 2017

Thanksiving - cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie

We had a small quiet Thanksgiving this year. We roasted a turkey breast, 
mashed some potatos, steamed some brussel sprouts. 
 Made boxed stuffing and amplified the gravy with packaged dressing. 
 It was all good, but we missed The Grandparents big time. 

We got some cranberries from Thistle Farms and so I made the cranberry sauce from scratch. 
 4 ingredients - cranberries, orange zest, brown sugar and water. Easy. 
The berries were super tart though; I definitely could have added more sugar. 

 I wanted to do something special for The Mister so I made him a pumpkin pie.  I planned to make the pie I made for Thanksgiving ages ago but the link no longer works so I did some searching and we chose another Anna Olson recipe.

It was delicious!