Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Creamy Potato Soup and Davidson's Orchard

We took the kids to Davidson's Orchards in Vernon this Summer and had lunch at the little cafe.  They had a soup on the menu that I thought The Girl might eat - probably chicken noodle - but after I'd paid they told me they had just run out. They had 2 other choices, one of which was spicy, so I chose the potato soup and lordy it was delicious!  I mean, The Girl didn't eat any, but The Mister and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I started googling to find a similar recipe - creamy, with veggies, not pureed, but the potatos were starting to fall apart.....and I found a very very good one at Cooking Classy which is very close to what we enjoyed that day.

I've made it twice since, and everyone (ok, everyone who is not my child) loves it.

And some photos of our day -