Sunday, August 20, 2017

So toast

I am slowly wrapping up my cookbook review/shelf purge I started in the summer of 2015.  I've cooked from more than 130 books, gotten rid of close to 100 more, and I'm glad to be almost done.
I'd like to go back to some of the ones that I've reviewed and cook more from them.  And I need to get the shelf a little more bare than it already is - eventually the room that the bookshelf is in will become The Girl's room, and the bookcase might stay for her to use, so I will have to find a home for all the books elsewhere in the house. So fewer books would definitely be easier.

I have gone back to Chrissy Teigen's book a couple of times since I wrote about it on Instagram, and made a couple more dishes.  One was the Cinnamon Toast/Dark Chocolate, and whoa, it was so good.  I had previously made her Salted Peanut Butter/Carmel/Grapes toast which was also amaze.
This set me off on a few days of toasting it up -

This one was boring, but we had bread that needed to be eaten.  Mozza, a sprinkle of salt, and some hot sauce.

The aforementioned CT toast - she makes a butter/sugar/cinnamon spread for the toast.  I had some cinnamon and sugar already mixed together leftover from baking, so I used that.  The combo with chocolate is unreal.

This one is super ugly, but brie cheese is not a pretty melter.  I made this at work - toast with a microwaved scrambled egg, ham and brie cheese, finished with cayenne pepper.

The standard avocado toast, eaten by The Mister and me whenever we buy a bag of avocados and suddenly the kids no longer like avocados, so we have to eat large amounts of avocado toast to try to use them up before they go bad but we never do.