Friday, June 02, 2017

Something I Like - The Skrapr

Oh look, there's my feet.

If you have kids, or even if you don't, you get.....stuff stuck to your floors.  Food stuff, outside 
stuff.  Hopefully somewhat identifiable stuff.  Stuff, you know?  And you try to get it while 
it's new, but you always miss some, and it gets old and stuck tight to the floor and I hate 
having to use my fingernails to scratch it off. 

A while back I saw a post on some website about this little scraper tool you could buy, but I couldn't find it in Canada, and to ship it from the states cost more than 10 of the scrapers itself.  I kept my eyes open around here, and I was finally rewarded at Canadian Tire when I found The Skrapr.  It's a heavy duty tool with a sharp no-scratch blade that will get the stuck on gunk off your floors, stove, counters, what have you.  I love it and we use it all the time.

Website - The Skrapr