Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sunday Dinner - Easter Dinner - butternut squash and apple crisp

I have no photos from our Easter dinner - it was madness as usual, trying to get everything to the table at the same time, all still hot.  As much as I dream about owing a bakery/cafe, I would not be good at the cooking part because I have terrible timing to get things all ready at the same time.

We did a ham, and it was fine.  There were scalloped potatos, and roasted beets, and peas, and some raw veggies too, and a very nice pureed butternut squash, courtesy of Pioneer Woman.
The recipe could not be simpler, and even The Boy liked it, although he did not want to admit it.

I made a good apple crisp too; not too sweet, which is the way we like it.  I made it ahead of time and then after the ham was out and the oven was off I put the crisp back in the oven to warm up while we ate.  There was vanilla ice cream and coconut whip cream on the side.