Monday, January 16, 2017

Mighty Life List - Let's Get Crafty - Make a T Shirt Grocery Bag

This was a cheap T shirt that was not (ahem) fitting me well. 
Too short and very unflattering. 
So it was time to go! 
I cut the back of the neck off to match the front. 
Since the sleeves were very short, I left them. 
It makes for thicker handles, but I am ok with that.

Turn the shirt inside out and cut the bottom into strips.  
I discover that none of our scissors are very sharp.

Start tying the strips together, back to front.  
Then, side to side.  And doubled knotted. 
 It got pretty confusing to keep the strips in 
an orderly fashion, but I did the best I could.
A bag!

I turned it right side out and peeked inside.  
I could see light from two fairly big gaps, 
so I did some extra knots over those areas.

Here`s the bag loaded with some light bulbs.  
I wouldn`t load this up with anything heavy, 
but for light jobs, it`s perfect!

See the tutorial here at Hello Glow.