Friday, January 27, 2017

Childhood foods part one

It's pretty fun to watch the kids grow and change and develop their personalities.  
The Boy is thoughtful but silly.  Opinionated and kind.  
Our girl is independant but shy, adventurous but so sensitive and intuitive.  

Food wise, The Boy is NOT an adventurous eater.  He hates mushrooms with a passion, and doesn't like pie of any kind.  He refuses to try spicy foods, and thinks cheese pizza is the height of gourmet dining (he may not be wrong....) yet LOVES sushi.  It's still pretty early for The Girl, however right now she is not a fan of meat of pretty much any sort.  She loves milk (Mooey is the word for both milk and music and she loves them both a lot) and cheese and cucumbers and tomatos.  Avocado is on the outs now, along with sweet potato, but regular potatos and peas are ok most of the time.

I like to think I wasn't a picky eater as a child, but I probably was.  I didn't like fish.  Spinach.  Refused to eat lamb - I had a stuffed lamb that I adored and was horrified my parents would want to EAT LAMBIE - and nothing they said could sway me.  I hated sweet potatos but my mom only served them at Christmas so that wasn't a big deal.  

Do you have a lot of favorite foods?  I do, and some I haven't eaten in years and years.

In Grade 2 - yes I can remember back that many years ago - we learned about the pioneer times and one day my teacher showed us how to make butter in a jar.  We all took turns helping the shake the jar and then we each got our own little plate of saltine crackers smeared with butter.  I don't know what it is about that combo but I still love it to this day.  Salty and rich and crunchy and comforting.
A friend likes to put buttered saltines in her chicken noodle soup.  I tried it on her recommendation, but I could take it or leave it.  There must be plenty of crackers around when it's chicken noodle soup time, however.  Just not buttered.

The Boy feels differently about CNS - he likes to dip and nibble on a cracker or two, but that's about it.  He's a fan of spooning up the broth first and eating the noodles later.  The first time I saw him do that it reminded me of how my cousins and I used to eat chicken noodle soup and my grandmothers house - she would give us straws to suck up the broth, and then we would chase the noodles around the bowls with our spoons.

My grandmother also used to serve us ham sandwiches with potato chips right inside.  
I haven't had that in years and years, but it still sounds so good, and comforting.

One final story about my grandmother - she made what I considered to be THE BEST lemon meringue pies.   For years, every time I went to visit her she would make one for me.  And then nag at me to eat the whole thing before my visit was up.  I was so loyal to her pie - no other LMP came close to hers.  When she passed away, the family was at her house to clean it out.  The grandkids were asked what sort of mementos we would want.  I tearfully replied that the only thing I wanted was her pie recipe.  My mom looked at me funny and said - she didn't have a pie recipe.  She used a box mix.  I never knew!  

More soon........