Sunday, December 04, 2016

Taking Stock - December 4

Making :  lists of potential dishes to cook for the cookie exchange and potluck that I'm going to later this month.  I'm probably going to make these cookies for the cookie exchange.  They are delicious and I haven't made them in years.  The potluck I'm going to is all appies, and I've said I'll bring a salad so there is some sort of veg there.  I've peeked at Pinterest a couple of times but nothing so far.  Help!
Cooking : ugh, nothing interesting.  Wait, no, I made a wonderful Pastitsio last week.  But nothing else of note.
Drinking : too much ice tea, not enough water.
Reading: Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield. 
Trawling:  salad recipes.
Wanting: to clean my house.  Always.
Looking: forward to finishing up my Summer Reading List and moving on to choosing books because I want to read them, not because they fit in a category.
Deciding: to maybe send out Christmas cards this week.  Or maybe not.
Wishing:  there were happier stories out there.
Enjoying:  This Is Us.  We just started watching it and have about 4 more episodes to go before we are caught up.  I am very sad that Hot Dad From The Past dies. 
Waiting: patiently to start feeling mentally and emotionally better about certain things in life right now.
Liking:  my new yoga class I've started taking at the studio. 
Wondering:  if i really will get the in laws birthday/Christmas presents mailed out this weekend.
Loving: not very much about Facebook these days.  People seem so happy to hate.
Pondering: leaving Facebook.  But then no more baby photos from people I almost never see in real life.
Listening:  to nature sounds/music during the day is AWESOME.  I wish I'd started doing it years ago.
Considering:  volunteering for a new organization.  I'm a bit hesitant to reach out to them as I'm not sure their needs and my schedule with jive.  But I guess it's worth a shot?
Buying: myself a treat.  Used my gift card from my birthday a few months back and bought myself a yoga book.
Watching:  TV at night after the kids go to bed.  I should be more productive and get up and do things.  But I usually don't want to.
Hoping:  this month goes smooooooothly.
Marvelling: at some of the poses in the yoga book I bought.  Never gonna happen here.
Cringing: U.  S.  A. 
Needing: to figure out how to drop these lbs.
Questioning:WTF is wrong with Americans.  You're not effing up only your own country, fools.
Smelling:  nothing.  This one is weird.
Wearing: yoga pants whenever possible.
Following:  yoga inspo on Instagram and FB. 
Noticing:  that this week when I decided to go to my lunch time yoga class before leaving work early I nearly called myself "selfish" for the choice.  I backtracked immediately, but I'm still bummed out that that was the word that came to mind during my decision making process.
Knowing: that I can't change people, or make them understand me.
Thinking: about the above one a lot.
Admiring:  Chris Hadfield.  The Boy and I watched some of his space videos yesterday, and I'm really enjoying his book. 
Getting:  ready to kick some butt today, get all the chores done and hope for a bit of quiet time too.
Bookmarking: mostly recipes, some yoga poses and some personal blogs to explore.
Disliking: that Winter is here.  Can't wait for Spring.
Opening: up our boxes of Christmas decorations the other night was fun.  And wow we have a lot of stuff.
Giggling:  not as much as I thought at Gilmore Girls on Netflix,  Watched the first episode last night and was pretty meh.  Also fell asleep 3 times.
Feeling:  amazed at how close we are to the end of the year.  2016 went so fast!  I've been back at work for 11 months already.  Crazy.
Helping:  to expand my waisteline by eating chips and guac last night and contemplating making cookies today.
Hearing:  the songs from Mamma Mia in my head 24/7.  We went and saw the play opening weekend courtesy of some free tickets and it was AWESOME.  I have a crush on Kevin Aichele. 
Pretending:  that i am in Mamma Mia.  If only I'd been born with talent.....
Embracing: peace and love!