Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Dinner - Ham, Ranch Potatos, and Lemon Pud

This Sunday Dinner was a lose, win, lose dinner. The ham was pretty meh - there was 
something odd about it, not sure. It was a Costco ham, and no one complained, 
but I wasn`t happy. The winner was the Cheddar Ranch Potatos from 
Buzzfeed - so easy and delicious.  

The other loser was the dessert from Jamie Oliver - a lemon pud that was 
supposed to separate into a custard layer and a merengue layer and not 
only did neither but also started to burn well before the end of the 
baking time in the recipe.  The dish size isn`t specified in the recipe 
which is annoying.  Baking is a much more exact science that cooking, 
and I get irritated with books and recipes that don`t get specific 
enough.  Is it just me?

Anyway, the potatos were a keeper but the dessert was not, and neither was the
 book it came out of, if you`re not following along over on Instagram.