Friday, December 09, 2016

Beet chips

A couple of months ago I went for a walk downtown on my lunch break and
 ended up at The Smorgasbord.  I wandered and looked at the crafts from 
10,000 Villages and all the delicious foods.  I picked up some tea bags for 
work was about to pay when I spotted the bags of beet chips. 
 I grabbed one for a work treat and headed out.

The next day after lunch I opened the bag and put a small handful on a plate 
to snack on while I worked.  5 minutes later I went back for another
 handful, and a few more after that.  These things are awesome!  
The bag lasted 2 days only because I showed Herculean willpower. 
They are delicious AND a Canadian company - what`s not to love?

Visit them here.

Shortly after that Thistle Farms dropped us off a bunch of small beets.  They sat for a week in the fridge, and then I decided to try to make homemade beet chips. 

It was not completely successful.  But the chips that did crisp up without being burned were quite delicious.  I think my oven temperature was too high - perhaps slow and low is the way to go.
Thistle Farms has gifted us with more beets, so this is something I might be trying again.