Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yoga. And stuff.

 I know, you've been worried since I posted about my 40 days of yoga challenge and then never mentioned it again. Sorry.  

So, let's talk about it.  Did I do yoga every day for 40 days?  No.  Did I come close?  Er....close-ish.
Did I enjoy myself?  Yes.  Do I feel better?  Some days I do.

I practiced at home, and I started going back to my studio at the end of August.  
The first 3 times I went were emotionally very difficult - the first time I was 
shaking and nearly crying from being so panicked about returning.  
And nothing bad happened - I didn't hurt or embarrass myself, no one laughed or told me to get out.  After a few "easy" classes I returned to my regular classes from the Spring.  
The sky didn't fall!  
I am obviously well out of practice, my sore shoulder makes some of the moves 
difficult/impossible, and my anxiety likes to pop up each class and remind 
me how much I suck and that no one likes me, 
but I'm doing it.  I'M DOING IT.  
I'm practicing pretty much daily now at home, and taking at least 2 classes a week.  

I've been reading a lot online, trying to establish a home routine, but so far I've just been doing what feels good, and what I can sneak in in the mornings before work or the kids getting up.
If you're reading this and you have any yoga books, websites, 
pose or any recommendations, drop me a line!