Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday Dinner - Steak and Victoria Sponge

This one was a special celebration Sunday dinner, so The Grandpa splurged and brought some really really nice steaks from Costco over for bbq-ing. 
The Mister did a magnificent job grilling them.  They were wonderful.  We had the usual steak suspects: baked potatos with sour cream, cheese and chives on the side, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, and salad.  A feast.

For dessert I made Nigella Lawson's Victoria Sponge.  
The shot below also includes The Boy's thumb as he took the photo.  What a guy.  :)

The recipe was very easy to make and even with my scraggly cake sides due to a last 
minute decision to line the tins with parchment which made them wonky looking, 
I thought it was quite impressive.  
I tried the food processor method which I didn't love; there was a lot of batter
 and I felt it didn't mix well.  But it turned out fine in the end - the cake itself 
was flavorful and tender.  I filled ours with peaches and nectarines and that 
was ok; but this would be amazing with summer ripe berries.