Wednesday, July 06, 2016


At one point, not that long ago, I had nearly 20 notebooks and binders filled with recipes. 
 Recipes from friends and family, newspapers, websites, books, magazines... You name it. 
 It was a hobby, collecting recipes. 
Would I ever try them all? Who cares? That wasn't the point. 

Until something in me changed. 
 I no longer have the same passion for cooking and eating that I once did. 
Recipe hunting, menu planning, even grocery shopping were things I used to enjoy. Not any more. 

Last year I went through all my books and binders and 
pulled out the recipes I knew I wanted to keep, 
or really really thought I would try, and recycled the rest.  
I put them all in a box and a few months ago I did yet another purge. 

Below is all I've kept, for now.   A huge difference from the literal boxes I had before.

Years back there was a great website called Naughty Curry that was 
both hilarious and a great source for recipes.  
Their spiced avocado butter was beyond amazing and I truly mourned 
when the website went offline.  
But look what I found in my purge!

Can I get a Hallelujah.  

This Fyltd Blonkal was the highlight of our Swedish Christmas dinner all those years ago.  
It was provided by Mary from Breadchick, another long gone blogger.

My whole collection now fits easily into 2 of those cardboard magazine holders.
There are some good family favorites that need to be re-made, and more exploring for new flavors that needs to be done.  I am just hoping that I'll go back to that place one day.  One day.  

If it's not soon though, it is a comfort to know that I have some of my very 
favorite and special recipes close by - my mom's cheesecake, her lasagne, a big handful 
of recipes from my talented friend H - and some new standbys as well as some
not yet discovered by us deliciousness.  

But I sort of hope it's soon.