Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Farmers Market Visit

We made our first visit of the year to the market last weekend,  
Picked up some cherries, carrots and green onions.
Bought the Boy a stale overpriced cookie from the bakery stand we usually frequent.  
Probably not any more.  
The Girl charmed a vendor out of a free cookie herself - hers was much more fresh and delicious. 
 I was on the lookout for strawberries, but there were none to be found.  
Did I wait too long?
Everyone had spinach and garlic scapes, it seemed.  

Not many choices for ready to eat food - the Bellringer Bus was there - with a For Sale sign on it.  Kamloops needs a good kick in the pants some days it seems.  
Why can't we support local eats, food trucks, culture?  Nope, not for us. 
 We'll take smoking in our parks, running food trucks out of business, 
and banning sales of local wines in the stores.  
What a town.