Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Instagram mini reviews

I joined Instagram a while back.  While I'm still not completely sold on posting there, I am loving the photos of the people I'm following.  

I've been working on a cookbook review/purge project over there the past few months - partially to pare down my cookbook collection and get rid of the books that I don't and never will use, as well as to get us out of the cooking and eating rut we've been in the past year.  

So far I've reviewed 26 cookbooks from my shelf.

The taco meat recipe from Maui Tacos, maple candied bacon from 5 Ingredient Fix, Mad Dog Salad from Jamie's America, peanut sauce from Little Saigon cookbook, and chocolate coconut pudding from Family Meals have been standout dishes so far.

I started off feeling bad about saying I didn't like a book, or that it would be going to the donation pile, but I'm feeling a little more cutthroat lately.
More mini reviews coming soon, so you can breath a sigh of relief.
It's so damn hot here, who wants to cook, much less read recipes???

If you're interested head over to see here.