Friday, July 31, 2015

Bay Tree

I impulse purchased a little bay tree this Spring and planted it in our garden. 
I've done no research into if it will survive the winter, but it was only $10. 

I am hoping it will survive, I've long envied European cooking books and shows that flaunt their fresh bay. 

 In other garden news, I added another type of mint, bringing my total to 3. 

The chives are trying to take over the garden, and for now I'm letting them. We've cooked with chives this year more than any other. 

The oregano has been neglected the past few years, and I'm thinking of pulling it out; we never use it. 

Peas and raspberries are our big crops again this year. 
They are the boys favorites; it's a fight for anyone else to get any if he's around.