Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus

At one of our work potlucks one of my co-workers made the most amazing chicken dish that she said came from a Best of Bridge cookbook, but she couldn't remember which one. I have one at home - Aces - so I scanned thru it to see if mine had that recipe. Sadly it did not, but I did find another delicious sounding recipe - Chicken Breasts stuffed with Asparagus.

I made this for a family dinner and while it was a little time consuming it didn't take too long to prepare for baking.  Chicken breasts are dipped into a mouthwatering marinade, then rolled around lightly steamed asparagus.  Yum!

The recipe says you will get raves - and we did. Especially when we brought out the hollandaise sauce for drizzling.