Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bread Baking Babes 3 year Babe-eversary....coming soon

Us Babes are celebrating 3 years together.  3 years of bread, 3 years of friendship, 3 years of rude talk, scotch talk, helpful advice, shoulders to cry on. 

To celebrate, we are looking back at what we've accomplished together:

BBB Breads 2008
2008 (from left to right)  February: Karen Royal  Crown Tortano (in Dutch) and in English:
March: Lien Coccodrillo 
May:  Sher  - Poilane-Style  Miche
July: - in memory of Sher who  passed away July 20 2008;  this month we made something from her blog,  something that reminded us of the warm and witty personality Sher was. The news  of her passing shocked us. She is our Angel Babe.
August: Ilva Whole  Wheat Pita
September : Monique Sûkerbôlle
October : Sara Challah
November: Görel The  Rosendal Crisp Bread
December: Lynn Yule  Wreath
In our second year, the loaves of 2009;
BBB Breads 2009
2009 (from left to right):  January Katie Croissants
February Tanna Pane  ai Cinque Cereali con Nod (Five-Grain Bread with Walnuts)
March Sara Pane  Francese
April Mary Ethiopian  Injera
May Ilva Pane  di Pasta Tenera Condita (Italian Knot Bread)
June Lien  Asparagus  Bread (in English and Dutch)
July Natashya Sukkar  bi Tahin (Beirut Tahini Swirls)
August Görel Russian  Black Bread
October Gretchen Tanta  Wawa (Peruvian Bread Babies)
November Monique Brioche  Mousseline
December Katie Viennese  Striesel
And our third year 2010;
BBB Breads 2010
2010 (from left to right)  January Lynn Curried  Naan
February Karen Ensaimada
June Lien Korni  (in English and Dutch)
September Görel Brunkans  Långa
October Elizabeth Broa: Portuguese Corn Bread
November Susan Cornucopia
December Ilva Taralli  Pugliesi

How gorgeous is that?

Come back and visit us on the 16th to see our celebration!