Monday, December 20, 2010

Nigella's Rapid Ragu-ish

I am in a new area of what kind of food I am cooking - it has to be cheap/I have most of the ingredients already, and it should be something that the baby can also eat. I thought I had a package of ground beef in the freezer so I marked Nigella's Rapid Ragu to make last week. I don't eat lamb, but I knew this would be tasty with beef. Turns out we didn't have any ground beef but there was some ground turkey, so I used that.

Also, you can't buy jarred caramelized onions here, so I just made my own from half an onion, and I didn't have green lentils but red. And I didn't use Marsala, or have cheddar cheese. But other than that it was just like hers!

It was really really good, all 3 of us liked it and I will make it again.