Friday, November 05, 2010

Canadian Living Vegetarian

I have mentioned time and again how much we love Vegetarian food. We try to eat meatless at least a few days a week (which doesn't always happen), and I am always on the lookout and happy to find new delicious vegetarian recipes.

My new very very favorite cookbook is Canadian Living: The Vegetarian Collection.

This is a flat out terrific book. The 8 recipe chapters focus on different food categories rather than courses or themes - pulses and beans, grains, pasta, and more. Each recipe comes with prep and cook times and (YAY) nutritional information. Not every recipe comes with a photo, but the photos are absolutely mouthwatering. Just beautiful.

There are tips and tricks scattered among the recipes: how to cook dried beans, information on different nuts and seeds, the difference between tofu and tempeh, cooking tips for pasta. The recipes are all well-written and easy to follow. There is definitely something in this book for everyone, vegetarian or not.

We tried 9 recipes for this review - we just couldn't stop!

Pasta with Mushroom Bolognese (pasta, pg 105)

Homemade Ricotta (stocks, sauces, breads & basics, pg 258)

I made cheese, y'all!  And it was easy and delicious. 

Tomato Pizza Sauce (stocks, sauces, breads & basics, pg 270)

Pizza Dough (stocks, sauces, breads & basics, pg 268)

The finished pizza with the dough (my new favorite pizza dough recipe), sauce and ricotta.

Corn Tempura (vegetables, pg 217)

Vegetarian Chili Fries (pulses and beans, pg 30) my new favorite way to cook fries.

Tofu Salad Sandwiches (tofu, tempeh & soy, pg 119) deeeelicious.

Toasted Guacamole, Brie & Tomato Sandwiches (eggs & cheese, pg 186)

Meatless Polpette in Tomato Sauce (vegetables, pg 230)

thank you, Random House!