Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grocery Shop, July 25

Milk, Clamato, organic bananas, organic apples, peaches, snow peas, organic cauliflower, plums, english muffins, corn, cherries, organic prunes.
Total $29.27
Saved $9.22

I stopped by the store this morning because I needed milk, and Paxton is almost out of food (frozen in the Baby Cubes). The bananas, apples, cauliflower and prunes are for him - I'll cook and freeze the last 3 and the bananas will just be mushed on an as needed basis. I also cut some rhubarb from the garden this morning and will stew that and maybe mix them with some apple for him.

It's blisteringly hot here and our garden is complete crap. Our lettuce and onions didn't even sprout, our tomato plants look awful, as do our strawberries and raspberries. The peas aren't doing too bad, and I'm holding out hope for the carrots.