Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mighty Life List

One of my daily stops on the internet is Maggie Mason's Mighty Girl. Maggie wrote her Mighty Life List - a list of 100 things she hopes to do before her life is over. Back in June she announced that a sponsor had offered to help her cross off 10 things from her list, and she spent the summer doing amazing things - visiting Greece, organized a food fight, and taking tap lessons, among others. Her list, her experiences and her joy of learning and trying new things inspired me to write down my own list. This year I crossed two major things off my life list I kept in my head. In May we went to Alaska and right now I'm sitting here with my feet up on doctors orders as we wait for our baby to arrive.

Here's my Mighty Life List, in no order:

1 Buy a camper and go camping

2 Place flowers at the memorial statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn in Austin, Texas

3 See a Cirque du Soliel show

4 Visit every Province and Territory in Canada

5 Learn to play the drums

6 Have a chocolate tasting

7 Participate (as in run) in a Terry Fox Run

8 Meet in person some food bloggers I "know"

9 Make a Mythic Pasta Dome, from scratch, a la Big Night

10 Go to Churchill and see the polar bears

11 Make a pie with fruit from our garden Done!

12 Learn to make aspic salad for Scott

13 Make at least one new recipe a week Done!

14 Give blood Done!

15 Go to Memphis for barbecue

16 Make a sock monkey

17 Go away somewhere warm for Christmas and New Years

18 Make really good sushi at home

19 Visit Julia Child's kitchen at the Smithsonian

20 See the Great Wall of China

21 Eat at the French Laundry

22 Learn to speak another language

23 Make homemade ice cream and eat it in the backyard on a hot summer day

24 Learn to take better photos

25 Sew a shirt or skirt or pair of pants with my sewing machine

26 Become once again the organized person I used to be

27 Go houseboating

28 Pay off our mortgage early

29 Cook at least 10 recipes out of every cookbook I own Close enough!  :)

30 Travel on a train

31 Do the very best job I can as a parent

32 Make cheese

33 Replace the art prints we have up in the house with all original art - paintings and photos

34 Visit Spain

35 Fly a kite successfully Done!

36 See the Northern Lights

37 See Niagara Falls

38 Learn how to tell the doneness of a steak with the "touch" method, rather than my "guess" method

39 Make a pavlova Done!

40 Deep fry a turkey

41 Try Absinthe Removed!  Don`t drink any more.

42 Watch the sunrise from a beach Done!

43 Fly First Class on a long (or longish) flight

44 Take a photo of the baby everyday and post online for family and friends to see (don't worry, not here on my blog!) Ongoing, but have been doing it for nearly 7 years, so - Done!

45 Be able to recognize more constellations that the Big and Little Dipper

46 Go on a weekend (or longer) trip where Scott could fish all day/to his hearts content

47 Enter some baking into a fall fair

48 Make Turkish Delight

49 Buy and learn how to use a photo editing program to make our photos look better

50 Take a cooking class and learn something really great

51 Take a trip down the Pacific Highway with Scott and our family, like I did with my parents when I was young

52 Visit New Orleans

53 Go to Las Vegas, get dressed up, have a fancy dinner, then play a few hands of blackjack while sipping cocktails

54 Be able to donate regularly to worthy causes Done! 

55 Live more "Green"

56 Set off fireworks on a beach

57 Forgive and forget Done and moved on. 

58 Take part in a parade

59 Stick my toe in the Atlantic Ocean

60 Visit Italy

61 Take a cruise to a tropical destination

62 Learn to make towel animals  Done!

63 Complete at least 5 craft tutorials

64 Have a day at a spa

65 Go to the Columbia Icefield

66 Have a family portrait taken Done!

67 Try snowshoeing

68 Drive a boat

69 Go on a trip with no predetermined destination

70 Hire a cleaning company to come to the house once a month

71 Have a little black dress or outfit (that I look good in) for dinners or parties

72 Be able to do 20 regular push ups without stopping

73 Decorate a cake with fondant

74 Visit Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

75 Have a header designed for my blog - Done, by someone else, and then me.

76 Spend a weekend in a cabin with no tv, phone or internet

77 Add the baby to the family tattoo on my arm Done!

78 Volunteer at a mission or church kitchen to serve a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal Done!

79 Try glass blowing

80 Have a margarita tasting - Removed - don`t drink.

81 Make a piece of jewelery (that I would wear in public)

82 Catch (and release!) a fish

83 Go to the Richmond Night Market

84 Read these 10 classic novels

85 Have a movie marathon night and cook food inspired by the movies

86 Take photos in the park with a big bunch (20 or more) of helium balloons as a prop

87 Eat at one of Bobby Flay's restaurant

88 Visit all 5 Great Lakes

89 Go to Oktoberfest in Kitchener

90 Learn to juggle

91 Rent a convertible somewhere warm and drive with the top down

92 Learn an old fashioned card game and have a card night

93 See some of the original paintings of the Group of Seven

94 Stay in a fancy hotel suite for one night

95 See the Bay of Fundy

96 Open a coffee shop/bakery

97 Pay for the groceries of the person behind me in line

98 Take a Tai Chi class

99 Make Spam Musabi

100 Shave my head to raise money for charity

101 Take the Mondo Beyondo class

102 Have a bonfire on the beach - Done!

103 Make paper

104 Take a Belly Dance class

105 Start a charitable foundation

106 Make a handmade toy for The Boy - Done by The Mister

107 Get in shape

108 Try 1 new food a week for 10 weeks (each year)
Dandelion Greens / Lotus Root/ Kalamansi/Sticky Rice Ball

109 Learn to knit

110 Make 50 things out of paper

What's on yours?


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Lien said...

You have some terrific things on your mighty list. Would be fun to think about a list on my own.
You're biggest task is ahead though... Good luck girl!

NKP said...

What a great list! Very creative. I share a few of them. The hardest is the forgive and forget!

Sara said...

Thanks Lien!

Natashya - the most fun part will be seeing which ones will get crossed off! :)

Sara said...

and yes, the forgive and forget is the hardest......that one may never get crossed off.

Annie said...

I'll be there for #6 and I would love it if everyone shaved their heads to raise money for charity!

Deborah Dowd said...

Amazing list- I have made Spam Musabi,and it is worth doing! I will meet you for a Cirque show as well, and you don't need a camper to go camping (we use a tent or cabin!)

Sara said...

Deborah - we tented for years, I want to camp in style! :)

Morven said...

Awesome awesome list. I have done about 15 of the things on your list. So interesting to see what we have in common. Shaving my head for charity is definitely one of them.

Maggie Mason said...

"Learn to make towel animals" is rad. I'm so glad you made a list! And a cute baby.

Anonymous said...

wonderful list! think i'm inspired to make my own too :)

Thanks for sharing!

(found your blog online and loved it! :))

from Singapore

Lara Gibson said...

OK, I hope this doesn't sound super-creepy, but I saw your list linked from Mighty Girl and we have a lot of the same things on our list (making a timpano a la "Big Night" is on mine, too!) I also am so glad to learn about Bonnie Slotnick cookbooks - I had never heard of that place, but I think I could get into a LOT of trouble in there. Anyway, I live in Austin and I love to cook, too. If you can get yourself (your family is welcome, too!) to Austin, you can crash in my guest room for free and I will personally drive you to the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue and then maybe we could try the timpano thing together (or go to a day spa? or try absinthe? or make pavlova? or take a cooking class? or a chocolate tasting? or give blood? - like I said, I LOVE your list!) Also - funny - I have a 12-year old guitar playing son named Stevie who might even be convinced to play you a song (I have a computer-programming husband and a piano-playing 14-year old daughter, too). Email me at Lara@Stevegibson.com or check out my blog at www.feedyourkids.com if you're interested. I haven't posted my full list yet, but I'm still working on it. I look forward to hearing from you.

PS - My mother-in-law owns a GREAT organic farm here in Austin, too. Check it out: www.boggycreekfarm.com

PPS - My husband and I love to play cards, too.

raych said...

Ok so. Like Lara Gibson above, I hope this isn't creepy. I started a life list a la Ms Mason as well, and sometimes I google 'life lists' just to scrounge for ideas. And I started reading yours and it had themes similar to mine, but then all of a sudden it has 'See northern lights' and 'go snowshoeing' and 'spend a day at the spa' and 'fly a kite' which I ALSO have and so I just needed to say Hi and also, TWIN BRAINS!

Mine is here http://ontheintarwebs.blogspot.com/.