Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bread Baking Babes - Rosendal Crisp Bread

This month our Bread Baking Babe kitchen hostess is Gorel. Gorel lives in Sweden (lucky!) and chose a recipe for us from Cafe Rosendal in Stockholm. Gorel has chosen a knäckebröd, also known as a crisp bread. This crisp bread is made with Rye flour, and also has a rye sourdough starter in it.

Thank goodness for Mary, who helped us revive our sourdough starters and turn them into rye sourdough starters, although Gorel did provide us with a rye starter recipe. Good ole Craterface was nice and perky which sort of surprised me as I have paid him no attention since June.

Once you have made your rye sourdough starter, or turned part of your own starter to a rye starter, your finished dough only needs one 30 minute rise before you are ready to roll out the dough and get baking.

The most fun part of this recipe is topping the dough. The recipe suggests sprinkling the crispbreads with caraway seed and salt. We tried all sorts of things including
Roasted Grains of Paradise and Salt
Cayenne Pepper
Montreal Chicken Seasoning
Cinnamon and Sugar
and I know there were more, but I can't think of them now. Sorry.

The Roasted Grains of Paradise and Salt and the Spike were my favorite. The flavor of the breads themselves were milder than I had expected, and we really enjoyed them. How thick you roll your dough of course depends on if your breads were chewy or crisp. We got some of both, but the chewy ones were definitely the ones I preferred.

Thank you to Gorel for another great BBB recipe! Please visit her blog to see this months recipe.
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Lien said...

Great flatbreads! You've been experimenting with a lot of flavors, how fun. Grains of paradise that sounds so romantic, learned a new thing here 'cause I never heard that before.
Funny how some like the chewy part more and other the crispy part!

Karen Baking Soda said...

They look yummy! I was so focused on the rolling and baking that I forgot to add flavours! I'm definitely a crisp kind of girl!

Sara said...

Lien - i read about the grains of paradise in the book "cooking for mr. latte" and found them once in a kitchen store when i was on holidays. they were good, but expensive.

Sara said...

Your bread looks really delicious!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

I love all your ideas for flavorings. How was cinnamon and sugar with rye?

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Some times it's almost scary how the starter can be left alone for so long and still be just fine.
Great stack of crisp bread. You really wow me with all the flavorings! I was just wanting to try rosemary next. I'm with Lien the grains of paradise sounds extra special.

Anonymous said...

I love that you still have good ole Craterface plugging along. I'm thinking Cinnamon and Sugar would be a fantastic topping!

It was fun as usual to bake together and can't wait to do it again.

Annie said...

They look delicious... Nice and crispy and the flavorings, YUM!

Monique said...

Great pic , as usual!
Love your flavours. The only thing I could think of was butter and blackberry jam.
And smoked salmon on my sea-salted one.Have to start all over again to try yours now.