Thursday, August 21, 2008

I think I'll have a salad for lunch.


Maple Leaf Consumer Foods and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are voluntarily expanding a recall of certain ready-to-eat packaged meat products and are warning people not to serve or consume the products as they may contain Listeria monocytogenes.

The following foodservice and retail products are affected by this alert. All carry the Establishment # 97B and have a best before date up to and including those specified in the following table.

Product Code Description Package Size Up to and including Best Before Date
26365 Sliced Cooked Turkey Breast 470 g SE 30
02106 Schneiders Bavarian Smokies 1 kg OC 28
02126 Schneiders Cheddar Smokies 1 kg OC 28
21333 Sure Slice Roast Beef 1 kg SE 30
21388 Sure Slice Combo Pack 1 kg SE 30
60243 Deli Gourmet Roast Beef slices 1 kg SE 30
02356 Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef 500 g OC 07
42706 Roast Beef, Seasoned and Cooked 500 g OC 07
21334 Sure Slice Turkey Breast Roast 1 kg OC 14
21444 Sure Slice Corned Beef 1 kg OC 14
44938 Montreal Style Corned Beef 500 g OC 14
21440 Sure Slice Black Forest Style Ham 1 kg OC 21
21447 Sure Slice Salami 1 kg OC 21
21331 Sure Slice Smoked Ham 1 kg OC 21
48019 Schneiders Deli Shaved Corned Beef 200 g OC 21
48020 Schneiders Deli Shaved Smoked Meat 200 g OC 21
48016 Schneiders Deli Shaved Smoked Ham 200 g OC 21
48018 Schneiders Deli Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast 150 g OC 21
48017 Schneiders Deli Shaved Fully Cooked Smoked Honey Ham 200 g OC 21
21360 Burns Bites Pepperoni 500 g 09 JA 01
99158 Turkey Breast Roast 1 kg SE 30
71330 Roast Beef Cooked, Seasoned 2.5 kg SE 30
71331 Corned Beef, Smoked Meat 2.5 kg SE 30

No other Maple Leaf products are affected by this recall.

There have been no confirmed illnesses associated with the consumption of the affected products.

Maple Leaf is taking every possible precaution to respond to this situation promptly and in the best interests of consumers and mitigate any potential risk. We are taking immediate steps with our customers to have all affected product removed from the marketplace.

For further information, call 1-800-568-5801.