Saturday, March 31, 2007

Reuseable Bags

At the iliketocook household, we try our hardest to be good to the earth. We return our bottles, recycle our newspapers, paper, cardboard, plastic bags, glass and cans. We clean out the plastic containers we can't recycle and give them to the elementary school for the kids to use for crafts. We use cotton grocery bags, use reusable containers for storing food instead of plastic wrap foil or baggies as much as possible, and use environmentally friendly and recycled products whenever we can.

No wonder I'm pooped. I want to introduce you to one of my new favorite websites Reusable Bags.

I discovered them through a Google search while I was looking for cotton produce bags so I wouldn't have to use so many of the plastic bags from the store. They sell reusable bags (dur), food storage items, lunch kits and tons of other stuff. Here's what I bought.

My reason for finding them in the first place - Reusable Produce Bags. I bought 3 of the small and 3 of the large. Just like when I try to use my own grocery bags I get some guff, but still I persist.

Stainless Steel Food Carrier. This is so handy. I can put my soup or salad in the bottom and some fruit in the top.

I bought this for my mom and dad for Christmas - it's a plastic bag and bottle drier.

These are called Wrap and Mats - reusable wraps for your sandwiches, fruit, veggies, crackers, whatever.

Stickers! Lots and lots of stickers! Because they do blow. I've decorated my house and office and have some left over. Does anyone want one (or three)? Email me and I'll send you some!


Brilynn said...

Plastic bags are banned in states Australia and they have the best alternative bags for groceries with flat bottoms so they're good for stacking.

veuveclicquot said...

thanks for the enlightening review. I recycle plastic bags at the local grocery store, but have been wondering what to do about the little plastic baggies i put sandwiches in. Those sandwich wraps will be put to good use in my home!! :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Wrap & Mats how cool is very utilitarian!!
I've found enough spots in the kitchen for bag and bottle driers I don't need that one but it obviously would work very well!
I love my reuseable cloth bags; the clerks are most uneasy with the produce bags but I figure they're just going to have to learn to deal with it.

bethiclaus said...

I'm so glad you posted about this! We've been looking for a good place to buy reusable stuff.

Sara said...

Brilynn - if only more places would do stuff like that.

VC - they are so handy. i use them almost every day.

Tanna - the stores need to keep up with the times.

Bethiclaus - hope you find some good stuff to use!

breadchick said...

MBH and I've been on a mission for the past few months to collect as many cloth bags that are "give-aways" at the various charitable organisations we support as well as "free gifts" with our many magazine subcriptions. Last week we took all of them with us for the big huge monthly grocery trip (you know, the one you have to make because all the staples plus cleaning products seem to always run out the same week). When we were checking out, MBH handed our bag collection over to the nice bagging person who stared blankly at them for several seconds until it registered we wanted him to put our groceries IN THEM. We've noticed more and more people bringing their own bags and hopefully, now that SF has banned them, Cambridge MA (who NEVER likes to be outdone by our as-liberal sister city) will be next! I am going to order one of the bottle/bag dryers ASAP. I currently use empty wine bottles to do the same thing before recycling the bottles... Oh wait, that will mean I will have to DRINK, may have to rethink that purchase ;-)

Emmy said...

Thanks for the link to that awesome store. Somehow I've never been to that site before. Love the stainless steel food carrier!!! Wrap and Mats....I didn't even know that existed. What a terrific idea and much more earth-friendly than the Glad Press and Seal I've been using. Are the Wrap and Mats easy to clean?

Sara said...

Mary - we do have one chain of stores here called Superstore and they charge you for bags - I think 3 cents each, so you see lots of people there with their own bags. I think all the stores should do that.

Emmey - The inside that touches the food is plastic, so I just wipe them down with a soapy cloth. The outside is fabric, so I guess you could wash them by hand maybe. I have been very very careful to keep them clean so far!

veron said...

love the stainless steel food carriers...