Sunday, November 18, 2007

A (small) Crapload (OK, 4) of Vegetarian Meals

Here's a short post of some meatless meals we cooked while staying with my parents last month.

Last Christmas I bought my Mom Food To Live By and was immediately jealous - what a great book! Then last month I received my own copy courtesy of Lis. I have the nicest friends!

When my father demanded that I make pizza for dinner one night - with the crust made from scratch - I turned to Food to Live By and their most fabulous pizza crust recipe.

If you have this book, TRY THIS RECIPE. It was one of the best pizza crusts I've ever had. We mixed pizza sauce with bbq sauce for the base, then topped them with mushrooms, tomatos, onions, and olives. YUM.

Also, if you have that book, make the creamed spinach. It is to-die-for.

We made fried green tomatos too - slices of green tomato were dipped in egg whites, then seasoned cornmeal, and then pan fried. My family members had theirs as a side dish with their hamburgers. I had a FGT burger. Double yum.

Below is the most beautiful Vegetable Biryani ever. My Mom found the recipe in a magazine. I must get it from her so I can make it again. It was heavenly.

A feast! I am counting down the days to Christmas, if only so I can unwrap my copy of Veganomicon that I have begged Scott to buy me. I found the recipe for Snobby Joes from the book on the PPK website. They were good, but the brand of chile powder my parents had bought was so bloody hot that this was close to being too darn hot to eat. It was served with my favorite roasted squash and roasted cauliflower with Indian BBQ sauce. Again With The Yum.


Kalyn said...

Every recipe I've tried from Food to Live By has been just fantastic. Guess I should try this one and the spinach too!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Love the snobby joe name! I'll have to look for that book. With you & Kalyn behind it, it must be great!

Holler said...

That all looks fabulous, especially that pizza! I have never tried fried green totmatoes before, but they look very intriguing. Are they sour or sweet?

Mike said...

OK, I give up! I'm from New England and have no idea what a FGT burger is. Does it stand for a ForGetabouTit! burger, meaning no animal products in sight?


Sara said...

Holler - they are not really sour, more tart.

Mike - Fried Green Tomato!!!!

Deborah said...

I'll have to check out that book - I'm always looking for a great pizza crust recipe.

Lis said...

Yay! I'm glad you've FINALLY blogged about some of the recipes.. have been waiting for your recommendations. :D

I will so try the pizza dough and the creamed spinach - can't wait!


Tartelette said...

You seriously want to make run and get that book. I keep reading all these amazing recipes!!