Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Juicer and NaBloPoMo

A couple of weeks ago I told you that we'd received a juicer. I've been having a wonderful time with it, juicing pretty much everything in sight.

Here's our juicer. Sorry for the poor photos, our camera is being more of a shit than usual. The juicer is a Breville:

It came with some recipes so we thought we'd start off with some of those as opposed to making up our own flavors. (We went to a juice bar once in Vancouver and I ordered some juice, I can't remember what was in it, but it was all ingredients I liked. My first sip literally brought tears to my eyes, it was so awful. I was afraid that would happen if I experimented too much.)

The first juice recipe we picked was for beets and carrots, but we decided to add some apples. We used 2 apples, 3 beets and enough carrots from the garden in Calgary to approximate 2 regular size carrots.

The color is beautiful, if a bit off putting. The camera is not showing how RED this juice was. This would have been a good recipe for WCC 21 - Halloween. I could have called it Vampires Blood or something.

We cleaned the machine and tried a tomato based drink. We juiced 2 tomatos, 2 stalks of celery, 1 peeled lime and 1 carrot.

The color on this one was not pretty at all, but the flavors were so bright. This would be cool to serve in little shot glasses as an appetizer on a warm day, like the "Tomato Juice".

We juiced some nectarines we needed to get rid of before the move, and wow, was that ever good. It was almost velvety in texture and taste.

We've also made a few batches of just straight apple juice. I haven't had apple juice since I was small. Freshly juiced apple juice is about 1 TRILLION times better than any crap that comes out of a carton. I have seen the light!

One of the small markets here had Mac apples on for 49 cents a pound so we've introduced my parents to juicing too. My Mom made her first juice - apple, pear and peach - on the weekend.

As much as I love my juicer, throwing out the pulp really bothers me. The pamphlet gives some ideas for using certain pulps in recipes, but nothing that is interesting or inspiring me. Does anyone out there have a similar juicer? What do you do with the pulp?

In other news, I have gone certifiably insane and signed myself up for NaBloPoMo, aka National Blog Posting Month. WTF you say? It's simple. Just post on your blog every day in the month of November. Want to join me? You totally should! And then we can be in over our heads together!


breadchick said...

Can't help you on the juicer but you should totally do the Vampire Blood Juice again for the WCC.

And over your head! I'm so tempted to do this BUT I know for a fact that for five of those days I will be in the upper reaches of Michigan on a 19.6K Dial Up line. I'll take this under advisement and may "unoffically" play along.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I already consider I'm in over my head with the Daring Bakers if I were to jump in with this one . . . yes I do believe my husband would commit me. Please stop me . . . I can not let myself say yes.
The juicer, that sounds like an adventure. As soon as you brought up apple juice I knew it could only be better by a million. Love to try that.

Brilynn said...

Ooooh a juicer! Pretty!

I keep thinking I should do the blog post every day, but I doubt I'll make it.

P Clik said...

Awesome juicer!! Howdy to Kamloops as well :-) My site is http:/juicingrecipesforhealth.blogspot.com Come by and leave a comment or check it out. I am a juicing fanatic and constantly updating recipes, articles and vids. Cheers!

Sara said...

Mary - well, there's some carrots left, I just might have to make some more....

Tanna - ok, I won't ask you again to join. But you could still think about it....

Brilynn - Come on!

P Clik - thanks, I will be stopping by soon.

Lis said...

I wish I liked juice more. But juice always makes my cheeks hurt and I'm always way thirstier (word?) after I drink it. Unless there is vodka or tequila in it.. then that's a whole other story.

PS - Totally unrelated.. I put the WCC up on the DB blog. I wasn't thinking, should have got it up sooner.


Geggie said...

I'm doing NaBloPoMo too! I'll be sure to check your site regularly.

As for the pulp, I've heard you can add it to sauces, stews, soups, etc. Or, if you compost, you can just add it to your compost pile.

Sara said...

Lis - Scott wants to come up with some sort of juice/alcohol cocktail. Doesn't that negate the goodness of the juice? Not that I'm complaining, just asking :)

Geggie - awesome! Thanks for letting me know. I'll be checking in with you too.

Anonymous said...

Your compost pile would be so happy so see that pulp. My compost pile is pretty darn happy these last few months since I retired--I feed it daily with all kinds of peelings, grass clippings, a few newpaper sheets, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, onion and garlic skins, oh the list can go on forever. Now I need a juicer!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I've used the pulp in cake before and I've also made a mixed fruit jam/jelly type thing. Looked like crap but tasted great!

I'm afraid you're in over your head on your own. My family would definitely have me certified! Hear that knocking - it's the men in white coats! Thing is, I don't know if it's my door or yours!

Emmy said...

You have a juicer? That is totally not fair because I've always wanted one :P Looks like you've been putting your new juicer to good use. The apple/pear/peach juice your mom made sounds divine.

Shaun said...

Sara, darling - The first time I went to a juice bar (big chain), I was excited. And then I hated the drink. Like you, it had all the things I like, but it was so fibrous I couldn't drink it. The texture made me feel as though I was gagging.

I have had a different experience with a home juicer. I like your beet juice. I will try it. I tend to do nothing more than throw in fruit and then once done, top up with the same amount of water (to balance out the acids and whatnot).

As for the pulp, you could put them in a compost, if you have one, or just throw them in the garden, as I have also done.

Susan G said...

Note on using the pulp: If you are going to put it in food, use only organic vegetables. Otherwise you have concentrated the poisons! Good luck on the juicing...try adding a knob of ginger to compatables...mmm.