Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spice Depot Spice Grinders

I am filing this under "Fun Finds". The nice people at The Spice Depot recently sent me a package with a couple of samples of their spice blends.

The blends are different combinations of salt, pepper, spices and dehydrated vegetables. We received Salad Seasoning and BBQ Burger Spice. And! The lovely Jill also sent me a reusable shopping bag!

What makes the Spice Depot seasonings different from others is the bottles have built in grinders, so the seasoning is always freshly ground. They are not much bigger than an average size spice bottle. The grinder is sturdy, and the top is secure so there are no messes if it gets knocked over.

First we tried the salad seasoning. I made the Mango Salad Dressing from the website. It was very very nice.

We also used the salad spice on some potatos we sliced and wrapped in foil for the bbq.

And I added some to my scrambled eggs and tomatos too.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of any of the dishes we made using the BBQ Burger Spice. We gobbled them up too quickly!

In addition to seasoning some burgers , we also used the bbq spice on some steaks, and in a homemade pasta sauce.

I really liked both spice blends and could see these easily fitting into my kitchen. I like mixed seasoning blends, and I think that the grinder bottle would be much easier to control amount-wise than a shaker or tin.

Thanks again to Jill and The Spice Depot for the samples.

Please click here to see where you can buy the grinders.


A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

hi there, luv ur coconut shrimp loppypops...definitely worth a try...thanks for sharing!!

Peabody said...

I love the spice grinders. They are great.