Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WCC 19 Dinner and a DVD

Hi guys,

Just want to remind you that the deadline for sending in your post for WCC 19 - Dinner and a DVD is coming up. Paige from Chef Girl is the hostess this month.

Here's what you do:

Pick a movie/tv show/documentary/concert/whatever DVD from your collection.
Head over to your cookbook collection and find a recipe that somehow connects with your DVD choice.
Cook said recipe, and blog about it.
Email (paige_elizATyahooDOTca) Paige with a link to your post. I would appreciate it ever so much if you'd include a link to the WCC blog too.

The deadline is August 19, and Paige will have the round up done shortly after that.

This is a fun one (not that all the others haven't been fun too!), so get cracking and cooking and join us!


PS - here's my entry for WCC 19 - You've Got Red On You Pasta, made for one of my favorite movies, Shaun of the Dead.