Friday, July 27, 2007

Update 1 2 3 4.

1. I know it's only 2 weeks since our last garden update, but wait until you see what's been going on! We have progress, people! Behold...the RED TOMATOS!!!!!!

Take a gander at these TWO PEPPERS!!!!

Marvel at these other tomatos too!

Hot zucchini action!

Can anyone help me? What is going on with my spinach? It's not getting any bigger and seems to be flowering. Was I supposed to pick it already? Do I pinch off the stemmy flowering bits? Is it doomed? There's some beets in the corner too, by the way.

Potatos. How do I know when they are ready? Is it too early?

The onions are looking rough. Hopefully the actual onion part will be OK.

The radishes got all crazy looking, so we pulled them up and planted more onions. Two are already poking thru.

The basil is lovely! I can't believe this came from seed. I've been picking it by the handfuls.

Full shot.

2. In other super fantastic news......OK, so I've been wanting a Le Creuset pot for about 100 years. They are expensive, so I don't have one. A few months ago at Williams Sonoma I saw a similar pot made by Emil Henry but it was still pretty pricey. So yesterday at lunch I was at the mall doing some banking and I decide to check out Williams Sonoma before I go back to work. I head directly to the sale tables at the back and there I see.....the Emil Henry pot I wanted. I pick it up and look at the tag. Regular price $140.00, marked down to........$29.99. I nearly had an accident in the store. Behold, my beautiful new 2 Quart pot:

Isn't it beautiful? I'm getting teary just looking at that picture.

3. You're dying to read all about another farmers market, aren't you. I knew it! Ok, go here and read my latest post at Foodtv.

4. I had a busy weekend last weekend and wasn't able to make it to Millarville and I've just learned that my favorite farm there has shut down. I am beyond sad. Whiskey Creek had the most amazing produce, were the nicest people and they were my first stop at the market every week. Please go and read their home page. This is why we all need to support our local growers as much as we can.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I do believe that qualifies as stealing Sara - $29! Wow, such a lucky girl.
I've never tried spinach but I haven't because we can have way too much hot too fast here for it to make it. I think it's called bolting when it blooms because it's just to hot for it.

Sea said...

Hey there fellow Foodie Blogroller!
I know just how you felt when you saw your pot marked down- congrats on an excellent find! Your garden is lovely- I just have a balcony but my tomatoes are red now too. Wooohoo!

-sea of

Deetsa said...

holy kamohlee, batman! I think you found a super deal. *green eyes of jealousy*

breadchick said...


Tanna is right. Your spinach has bolted because of the heat. Pull it up and plant a heat resistant summer lettuce there or marigolds (a natural pest repellent). My spinach did not grow well this year either because we went from winter to summer.

Peabody said...

That is one heck of a mark down...I would have been all over that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the veggies and scoring the sale!

Lis said...

OHMYGOD Your garden ROCKS!!! Your tomatoes look better than ours! Ours are STILL mainly green. God.

Don't know about the spinach.. we went much easier and planted swiss chard.. when the leaves get big, we pick 'em and they grow back. Gotta love that. hahahaa!

I don't know about potatoes either.. but I can't wait to see your harvest!

I would have made a mess on WS's floor had I seen a bargain like that.. I'm SO JEALOUS! It's a beautiful pot.. love the color and the shape! Lucky girl. =)


Anonymous said...

Your garden is pristine. I have raised beds too and I can't imagine going back to the old way of gardening.

Deborah Dowd said...

Great garden! I can almost smell its green earthiness from here!And how come I never have that experience at the Williams-Sonoma store?!

Connie said...

wow, awesome score with the emile henry casserole.