Saturday, July 14, 2007

Garden Update - Week 7

It's that time catching up time!

We're about seven weeks in, and I'll tell you, it takes all the strength I have not to go to the garden and start pulling up the potatos and onions and beets to see how they are coming along. Then I would re-plant them, you understand, so they will keep growing. I have been advised that this would not work. Drat.

Let's start with some lettuce. It's coming along very well. We made BLT sandwiches with some last week.

Here are the radishes. They are HUGE. I pulled one last night, and when I cut it open it was all brown and obviously rotten on the inside. I was upset. But just now I ran back out there and pulled another. They are white, and long like carrots. This was one good - I just had a bite, and it's mildly peppery. My camera batteries are on the charger right now so you will have to take my word for it.

Carrots, slowly coming along. They're certainly no radishes.

Spinach! I'm pretty excited about when these will be bigger, although I've already sneaked some tastes.

Beets. I think the heat is getting to them, the poor tops aren't looking good.

The zucchini's have really really grown this week.

And, oh, what's that?? Could it be......a zucchini!?!?!

This is one of the heirloom tomato plants my Mom and Dad brought us last month. This one's called Stupice. I just Googled that, and they are a small red tomato from Czechoslovakia. There's 6 tomatos on this one.

Blurry possible beginnings of peppers.

This is another Heirloom tomato - this one is Early Red. My Google search turned up nothing, but let's assume these tomatos will be red and will mature early in the season, shall we?

My potatos. I can't WAIT until these are ready, I'm a real potato fiend.

The heat and sun aren't being kind to the poor onions either.

My basil from seed is actually growing, which shocked me. Here's the biggest plant so far.

Here's some more basil.

A full view of the garden.

So update me! How are your gardens coming? What did you plant that's doing really well? Are you harvesting stuff yet?

Happy Saturday!


Kalyn said...

Your garden is looking great, and considering how far north you are I'd say you're coming along very well. Isn't it just so fun!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Beautiful lettuce! You've got way more out than I do.
We've gotten maybe 12 tomatoes. What I have the best luck with is herbs and they are going great guns. Never thought I'd be excited about growing stuff in a garden but here I am.

DaviMack said...

Awesome! Such a nicely laid out space, too!

Mine ... will be abandoned when we move, which is just as well, 'cause it's full of pests. It makes it easier to leave behind. :)

tigerfish said...

I don't have a garden, so I'm FULL of envy now. Hv taking a liking for heirloom tomatoes recently...I don't even know what names are each of the variety/species.

kickpleat said...

your garden looks great! today in our garden we harvested our first strawberry! yup, one red strawberry!! our tomatoes are coming along nicely and our radishes are just starting to sprout. i can't wait to see what happens next!

Shaun said...

Sara, darling - It is SO great that you are gardening. This is truly very inspirational, and I can't wait for Eric and I to have a garden of our own. The great thing about having ones own garden is learning what grows best where, and you can almost always ensure that there is plenty available of whatever you love most. Glorious!

lynn said...

You've given me such garden envy. I have a tragically brown thumb. Happy munching with all your fresh produce!

Peabody said...

I have no garden! But I did make Calgary Flame ice cream.

Lis said...

Awesome, Sara!

Our garden is going quite well too, I will take pictures tonight.. last night we had 2 very large zucchini's and a handful of grape tomatoes. I've got several huge bell peppers on their plants but they are still green - waiting for them to turn yellow. Our big tomatoes are still growing and green.. but the best things this year have been the seedless cukes - we already can't eat them fast enough - or give them away fast enough and they are perfect - nice and long with tender skin and the best taste. The other thing is we learned that the reason we had hardly any zucchini last year was because of it's placement - so if you have bad luck with anything, don't give up on it - try growing it in a different spot next year (well obviously it'll be a different spot next year, but you know what I mean, yes?) and lastly - my eggplant has huge flowers and one of them is giving birth to an eggplant! WOOO!

(sorry so long)

Anonymous said...

very nice garden. we have just a small plot but have had great strawberries and the tomatoes are starting to come like mad now. the herbs are plentiful - lots of mint for a summer's worth of mojitos.

Ally said...

I love your garden! Can't wait to see more!

Emmy said...

I loved seeing pics of your garden. It looks like the plants are really starting to come along. I've been harvesting radishes, eggplants, cukes, grape tomatoes, a few types of Squash, and some lettuce already.