Thursday, May 10, 2007

X is for...

X is for Xtreme!

Who: Xtreme Food.

What: Food that has been, in the words of Emeril, kicked up a notch. There are many ways to make food xtreme. You could use uncommon ingredients such as snake or alligator; up the calorie and fat count; or add extra special ingredients to a dish.

Where: Where ever there is an adverturous soul, or a crazy fool, there is Xtreme Food.

When: Oh, whatever. Only 2 more letters after this, thank god.

Why: Cause we are crazy fools, and my Dad (Hi Dad!) suggested it.

This here is a waffle.

This HERE, get ready for it, is AN XTREME WAFFLE!

We took a batter for regular, plain old waffles and added chopped cooked breakfast sausages and maple syrup. Then we cooked them like usual. Dee-lishous.

But then Scott, he must have lost his mind! He went and upped the ante even more, I didn't think it was possible, but he did. He added a fried egg to his XTREME WAFFLES.

What a maniac.

And here we have a steak.


A thing of beauty. We've spread garlic butter on grilled bread and topped it with medium rare steak, sauteed mushrooms AND blue cheese!

Can you feel your ateries clogging?

Up next, a tall cold glass of milk.

AND LAST but certainly NOT LEAST.......

THE XTREME glass of milk, THE SCOOTER!

Baby can you feel it; milk mixed with booze. What could be better or more Xtreme? And oh my it is delicious.

The Scooter

1 oz milk
1 oz amaretto
1 oz brandy

Mix well and serve over ice.

Seriously, it tastes good.

Whoooo, I'm exhausted! That was a lot of XTREME, my friends. See yous later.

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Deborah Dowd said...

Your versions of X-treme favorites sounds great! And I love the idea of the Alphabet posts! I'll be checking back to get caught up!

Brilynn said...

Ha! Will we be seeing "zany" foods for Z?

Sara said...

Deborah - thanks!

Brilynn - oh, I wish I had thought of that!!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Fabulous! I know what an xtreme effort that was!!

Anonymous said...

That will be Discovery's new segment called Xtreme Food in place of Extreme Engineering!
I like the idea of the sausage into the waffle -makes it savory. :D

Nora B. said...

Hi Sara, sounds like a fun Xtreme adventure. :-)

Anonymous said...

Boy, I hate to mention this...but down south (south of me, now, that is) fried chicken and waffles rule all that is good and well in the world.

Lis said...

hahaha! My heart was pounding with all the extremeness of your foods! Everything sounds pretty damn good - am loving the sausage in the waffle thing.. MMMMmmmmm!

You crack me up. =)


Freya said...

Why can't it be Xtreme every week!! I love any food in extreme!

Jen said...

Cool, i'm lovin those waffles. Power to the extreme way of eating : )

Sara said...

Tanna, yes being Xtreme is tiring!

Tigerfish - they were deelish.

Nora - thanks!

Mike - I have always wanted to try chicken and waffles, but I don't really want to fry chicken at home and I've yet to find a place in town that serves them.

Lis - thanks, hope you didn't have to lie down afterwards, or anything.

F&P - My waistline indicates to me that every week can't be xtreme, at least at my house.

Jenjen - thanks!

Glenna said...

"you had me at" alcohol. Looks great! Are you old enough to remember the bar favorite "screaming orgasm"? That was cream, kahlua, amaretto, vodka, and something I can't remember but it was wonderful too. I like the brandy in yours.

Peabody said...

X-cellent! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara - great food post on xtreme-ing up food! I agree wholeheartedly on your assessment of milk + booze... :D

Sara said...

Glenna - I've heard of it, but never had one. My favorite was a Cowboy Co**sucker. I will have to see if my bar book has either of those.

Peabody - ;)

Gilly - oh yeah...

The Glitterati said...

HAHA! This was hilarious! Your XTREME MILK (!!!) made me think of another favourite drink -- Amarula & Milk. So good with coffee too!

If you hear of a local Chicken & Waffles joint, please post about it! My friends in Calgary would be very excited about it. Have you been to the most XTREME hotdog place, Tubby Dog? Some of their concoctions sound downright frightening...

Sara said...

TG - thanks, glad you liked it! I have not had Amarula in ages! I used to love it with milk. For the calcium, you know. I will keep my eyes peeled for chicken and waffles, but I don't hold out much hope. I haven't been to Tubby Dog, but we have been to La Chein Chaud in the Farmers Market.

Ruth Daniels said...

x-tremely fun!!