Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog Party 19 - Comfort Food

Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness has picked a spot-on challenge for Blog Party 19 - Comfort Food.

These past few weeks - for me at least - have been filled with nothing but snow, cold temperatures, and being under the weather. What is a more perfect time to fix up some comfort food?

We start with our beverage, a new favorite of mine, Pineapple juice and soda water. Nice and sweet and fizzy without any added sugar or caffeine or alcohol. The only problem for me is actually finding pineapple juice in Calgary! What is up with that? Our savory appetizer tonight are Mini Sloppy Joes. I cut some slices of a nice cheese bread into small cubes and topped half of them with my leftover warmed up vegetarian sloppy joe filling and covered them with the other mini bread slices.

For dessert, what could be more comforting than cupcakes?

The recipe for these Lemon Gem Cupcakes comes from Vegan with a Vengeance. They were so fabulous. I was the only one who knew they were vegan. They were gobbled up in about 2 seconds. Comforting indeed!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

What a really fun way to use up leftovers and create a niffty appetizer!
I hope this means you are getting back to feeling better.

Lis said...

Those lil mini sloppy joes are adorable! I'll bet they were delish with cheese bread - yum!

The picture for the cupcakes isn't coming through, but anything lemon is always a good thing.. I'll check back to see if it loads. :D

Sara said...

Tanna, thanks! Yes, I am starting to feel human again.

Lis - they were. Cheese bread was a good choice. I'll check the picture situation out. Thanks for letting me know.

rachel said...

What a GREAT idea! I wanted to participate in this blog party but have not thought of any comfort food to miniaturize :(

tigerfish said...

What a creative way to use up leftovers!
Nice to meet you at Blog Party :D