Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roasted Squash

This is a totally amazing recipe I came across at The Pearl Onion. Kristin found the recipe in one of her Gourmet magazines. We have been eating more squash the past few years and I was excited to see a recipe that was more than just mashing the squash with butter and nutmeg.
This squash is roasted and drizzled with a hot pepper and lime vinaigrette. And it is SO GOOD.
Click here for the recipe.

PS -
Does anyone know what kind of squash this is? In the stores here they never label them and the only ones I know by sight are spaghetti and acorn.


Tanna said...

Looks like a winter squash. That's not very specific and there are so many.

KJP said...

It looks like either a Red Hubbard or a Golden Hubbard. If it was fully ripe, it would be easier to tell.

Brilynn said...

I love roasted squash! Also in soup form, you should give that a go if you haven't already.
And I'm guessing your squash is called an Ambercup.

Sara said...

Tanna - there should be some sort of labelling law or a chart in the stores.

KJP - I think it was fully ripe, it had been sitting on my counter for about 3 weeks before I used it.

Brilynn - thanks, I've never had squash soup that I can think of, usually because they always seem to be so high in fat. I'd like to try that this winter though.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH. This looks devine.

Emmy said...

The squash looks scrumptious!!! Another recipe I'll have to try once we get more settled in. Rob (my hubby) keeps asking me when I'm going to try the curried carrots recipe you blogged about last month. I'm going to try and make the carrots soon :)