Thursday, December 14, 2006

Menu For Hope III

$10.00 is not a lot.

A couple of coffees at Starbucks.
Two magazines.
A ticket to a movie.
10 items at the dollar store.
Anything on Miss Doxie's 2006 Ten Dollar or Less Gift Guide.
19.6 Canadian $0.51 stamps.
6.289 medium Slurpees.
or 2/3's of this totally excellent Wonder Woman Wristlet!

OR you could buy a raffle ticket (or two, or five) for Menu for Hope III, the ongoing online raffle raising money for the UN Food Programme. Pim and co have so far raised more than $14,000 so far this week, and we need your help (and money!).
So please buy a ticket (or two, or five), maybe for, oh....CA08 or CA09? Those are good prizes...

CA09 - a copy of The Best of City Palate, an apron made just for you, a bag of Bernard Callebaut chocolates AND 5 not yet published recipes from my family's favorites.

CA08 - An AUTOGRAPHED copy of Dorie Greenspans newest book.

So please, won't you show me (and the World Food Programme) some love? Go here to donate now.