Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Picture Post

I was flipping thru some photos on my computer last night, and I came across a folder of pictures of food I had taken that I had never posted about. Some were meals that weren't very good, some are works in progress that I haven't finished tweaking yet, and some I just plain forgot about. Here's the best of them.

Here's a Welsh Rabbit (or Welsh Rarebit if you prefer) that I made in the spring.
Rabbit is sort of like a reverse fondue. I added tomato slices to try to make it a more substantial meal. I remember that I made this with light cheese and non fat milk to ease it up a bit. I know I wrote the recipe down somewhere. It was good. I'll have to make this again.

This was NOT good. This was our last vegetarian meal we ate before we abandoned our Vegetarian Week so we could go to Las Vegas.
I made vegetarian pigs in a blanket with no-meat breakfast sausages. We did not enjoy them at all. Fortunately I had also made some pigs with just cheese in them, so all was not lost.

I can't believe I forgot about this one!
This is a work in progress vegetarian dish. I am trying to remember what is in it spice-wise, but I am drawing a blank. It has cauliflower and pineapple in it, two of my favorites.

Here's the Tiramisu that I made for Scott's last birthday. Seeing as his next birthday is not too far away, I better get this up.
My mom has a killer Tiramisu recipe but it makes a ton. I found this recipe from The Surreal Gourmet to make individual ones. Mine is not as pretty, but hot damn were they good.

This was a really great salad. It's got roasted tomatos and feta cheese in it.
I got the recipe from a book from the library, I hope I wrote it down.

I don't remember this salad. I think the dressing might have been homemade.
Other than that, I don't know.

This was a very good stir fry of peppers onions and beef. It had cumin in it which is my favorite spice, and lime juice.
I think this one is from Cooking Light magazine.

Not much to say here.
Pot Roast and veg cooked in the crock pot. I don't even remember making this.

Here's another work in progress I forgot about. When we went to BC in the summer we bought some stuff from a fancy deli, and one of the salads was grapes and broccoli with homemade ranch dressing.
I made this shortly after we got home, but wasn't crazy about how my ranch dressing turned out. I'll have to try this one again though, it was very nice.

So, Christmas is here. Everywhere I look the decorations have just exploded. Of course all the shops have been decorated since October, but it has spread to houses, parks, offices. The lobby of our office building looks like 600 elves threw up, and our receptionist spent the morning decorating our foyer on our floor. 3 of my co-workers decorated their houses this weekend, and one of the receptionists decorated HER house November 1! It seems too soon. Does it seem too soon, or am I just being a Grinch? Is it bad of me that I have no intentions of putting up any decorations until at least December 16?
So tell me, When do you start decorating for Christmas?


Annie said...

Wow, that's a lot of meals you forgot about. I don't think I've made that many meals in a year. LOL.

I usually put off decorating for Christmas because I am so busy at work this time of year(advertising). So I probably won't do anything until the first or second week of December.

Which stinks because by the time I get them up, it's almost time to take them down :( Oh well, maybe I should try to do some this weekend.

Brilynn said...

I feel like it should be December before things get into the Christmas swing, but apparently I'm the only one who thinks this. And A Charlie Brown Christmas was on tv last night... I'm not saying I didn't watch it, I'm just saying it was too early for me. And I confess my outdoor lights are now up, but only because I didn't want to have to put them up while it was snowing.

Lis said...

hahaha I love some of your comments regarding the dishes. They all look yummy though! I like that last one, with the broccoli and grapes, yum!

Normally I start a week after Thanksgiving. Last year we decorated the day after Thankgsiving, but the trees had just arrived at the greenhouse we go to, so by the time our tree's branched had fallen it was slightly lopsided. So this year and from here on out actually, we'll wait until at least a week after to give the trees time to loosen up. Oh.. and I dont take my decorations down until the weekend AFTER the first of the year. Yes, I know, I'm a freak. :D

Anonymous said...

Man, I refuse to decorate until December. Growing up, it was until after December 13th, my mom's birthday. This year, based on my calendar? Maybe the 10 if we're not busy, but more likely the 16th. Sure not November 1st!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Thank you so much! I was wondering if there was anybody else out there who took hundreds of food pictures that they then forgot about.
Christmas decorating...not on my radar yet, visiting my cousin first to do some Christmas baking.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

In my mind, the Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving.

Rachel said...

My grandpop has a funny store about Welsh rarebit. He was on a date when he was stationed in Europe during WWII and the girl he was with ordered a welsh rarebit. He didn't know what it was and thought it sounded fancy and expensive. He debated about trying to sneak out of the restaurant because he didn't have much money then it arrived and it was just a melted cheese sandwich. He was so relieved.

As for Christmas, we celebrate Hanukkah too, and don't decorate much at all.

Jenny said...

I'm with you - it is too early for decorations. I have told my children that I won't even consider putting lights up outside until after December 1st and if I can hold them off, I won't put up the tree and other decorations until the middle of the month.

Anonymous said...

Your unposted pics look really good! You should post about the ones you liked! I am especially intrigued by the broccoli salad and tiramisu.

I'm actually doing a christmas wrapping papper inventory this weekend so we know if we have to buy any new stuff. While down there, I'll probably locate all the decoration boxes.

Probably not this weekend for it all, (maybe just outside lights) but most likely the tree and everything else next weekend.

jasmine said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who takes pictures and then forgets to post them...I have many, many to upload...


Anonymous said...

Your Tiramisu is fantastic. I love that your put it in a cup and saucer.