Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Cookbook Challenge #10 Neglected Gadgets

The tenth installment of The Weekend Cookbook Challenge is being hosted by Mary at The Sour Dough and she chose a fantastic theme - to use a neglected gadget/appliance in our kitchen.

This is a great theme because I doubt anyone out there doesn't have at least a couple of gadgets they bought with good intentions that got shoved to the side. I know I do. My kitchen and basement and full of them!

A while back I wrote about how much I hated my George Foreman grill until I grilled wraps in it. Turns out that the grill is a good panini maker, but I never used it again after I wrote that post.

Until the theme for WCC 10 was announced. Thanks Mary!

I chose to use a cookbook I've owned for only a short time; Simple Italian Sandwiches by Jennifer and Jason Denton and Kathryn Kellinger.

I am really enjoying reading this book. In addition to the panini's - of which they are many to choose from- there are condiments and sauces, salads, appetizers and non-grilled sandwiches. You don't have to own a panini grill (or any grill) to enjoy this book, although it would help.

I chose 2 sandwiches to make, the first was the Mozzarella, Basil Pesto and Peperonata Panini.
The sandwich is full of gooey melted cheese, homemade pesto, and homemade peperonata. I don't really like pesto much because most prepared pesto is made with pine nuts and I can't stand those things. For this recipe, I just omitted the pine nuts and increased the amount of walnuts slightly. I don't know if butter is usually an ingredient in pesto, but it was here. The pesto was very very good. I cut back the recipe as I was only cooking for two but I regretted that after I had tried the sauce. Delicious!
Scott had 2 panini - 1 regular and 1 with ham added. The ham one was mighty fine too.
Dessert was truly eye opening. Up until this dinner I had never eaten Nutella. That has changed, for I have seen the light and become a convert. That stuff is good. And it's even better when smeared between 2 pieces of white bread and grilled.

You sure don't need a recipe for that; if you have any kind of panini grill, george foreman grill or even a grill pan, you must try a Nutella Panini! Your life will never be the same.

Have you taken part in the Weekend Cookbook Challenge yet? There's still time! Email a link to your post to this month's host Mary at maryATbreadchickDOTcom by November 3. We'd love to see you there.


Ivonne said...

Isn't it a fantastic book, Sara!

I love what you made and I agree with you about the Nutella!

Brilynn said...

I wand a panini maker! Or an improve one! Maybe I'll just go make a Nuttela sandwich and drown my sorrows over the fact that it wasn't pressed.

Sara said...

Thanks Ivonne!

Brilynn - Do you have a grill pan? If not, just use a frying pan and squish them down when you're cooking.

Andrea Rusin said...

Thank you. I love panini and never make them. That will now change. And grilled Nutella on white bread. Did you just die from the heaven of it????