Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday Market and Shopping

This Saturday was a big improvement weather-wise over last, so we went to Millarville. There are only 2 markets left out there this year! That makes me very sad.Peppers, tomatos (i will miss them the most), chard, corn, mango salsa and carrots.

We had to go to the North part of town Saturday afternoon, something we rarely do, so we used the opportunity to go to the Italian Store (5040 Skyline Way NE, Calgary). We'd never been but have heard excellent things about both the grocery items and the prepared food from their small deli.
I wish I lived in the North, or at least had more reasons to go there. All the food was a fraction of what we pay in other grocery and specialty shops. 3 liters of Olive Oil for under $15. Vinegars, roasted peppers, tomatos, sauces and spreads at least half of what I'd pay at Co-op or Sobeys. The deli was enormous and had us drooling over all the meat, cheese, olives and breads.

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Also, check back tomorrow. I have something to share with you about WCC.


Claire said...

Now I'm jealous of your farmer's market. I came home with nothing this week. The only place that really had anything was a booth that, I THINK, purchases their items and brings them to sell. I don't think they grow it on their own. I'm trying a different stand this Saturday.

Jasmine said...

I'm so happy you were able to get to Millarville...

I'm hoping to get to more local markets before all the winter resellers take over.