Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Farmers Market This Week

The farmers markets are changing now - the cherries, the peaches and other delicious summer fruit is giving way to apples and squash and lots of root vegetables. Since most of the food I bought at last weeks market is still in the fridge, I went light this week.Yellow Zucchini 5 for $2, 3 Red Peppers for $2.75, 6 delicious tomatos for $5, The best Cherry Tomatos I've had this year for $3, and chocolate chip cookies (all the proceeds from the bake sale went to charity, so I had to buy them) for $3.


peabody said...

I love that the fall foods are showing up!

Claire said...

I'm jealous! Our veggies are dwindling now. I wanted some red peppers but there were none to be found and that squash is ELECTRIC!!! Aren't farmer's markets the best?!

Emmy said...

The cherry tomatoes look great. Good deal on all the produce :) I miss all the fresh produce available in the summer months but I'm already enjoying the first squash and apples of the season.

Sara said...

peabody - i like the summer food better myself, but that's probably because i like summer better in general.
claire - yes, i love them too. i'll be so sad when they start to close next month.
emmy - the cherry tomatos were unbelievable - amazingly sweet.

Jasmine said...

I hate to admit it, but I've only been to the market twice since the spring!

So...question...are the sellers at your FM really farmers or just re-sellers...unfortunately, most of ours pick up their wares from the Ontario Food Terminal :(


Sara said...

Hey Jasmine,

From what I see and the vendors I have talked to, I would say that 90% are actually farmers. But this is only at the summer market. At the year round "farmers market", even in the summer I bet most of the vendors are just re-sellers.