Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vegas Part 3

OK, just a few more pictures and then I'll stop. I promise.
This might be one of my favorite pictures, after Scott and the showgirl. This was a ceiling in the Wynn.
A fountain at Caesars.
He was delicious with a lemon-caper sauce. (kidding!)
I'm thinking about quitting my job to go pro. What do you think?
The Wynn.
The Venetian outside.

The Venetian inside.
This might have been in the Venetian too, I'm not sure.

OK that's it! Back to food and stuff.


sam said...

It looks like, from your picture, that they have a similar ceiling to the one at the Bellaggio.

Sara said...

The picture doesn't do it justice.

Stephanie said...

Me, when I go back to Vegas for my next 'milestone' birthday? I'm hitting the M&M's museum, and all the little bakeries and candy shops!

Oh, ok...and the Star Trek Experience.