Monday, July 24, 2006

Subs and stuff

I love to go down to Chinatown for subs. There is a little teeney shop in a strip mall with 2 tables in the doorway. The family that runs it is friendly and loud and one lady has a miraculous memory. Unfortunatly I won't have to go down there as much now that Scott and I are making our own version.Vietnamese Chicken Subs
This is just a list of ingrediants. Use as much or as little of each as you want.
Crusty bun
Cooked Chicken, sliced
Mozzarella or other mild white cheese, sliced
Peanut Sauce
Jalapeno Peppers, seeded and minced
Cucumber slices
Carrot Salad

Spread mayonnaise (if using) on bun. Place chicken slices on one half of the bun and top with the cheese. Broil in your oven or toaster oven until bread is crisp and cheese is melted. Remove to a plate. Spread peanut sauce on the side of the bun with out the chicken, and top your sandwich with cilantro, jalapeno, cucumber and carrot salad.

Carrot Salad
1 cup of shredded carrot
3 tb sugar
1/4 cup rice vinegar or wine vinegar
pinch of hot pepper flakes
1 cup water

Place the carrot in a bowl, cover with water and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, mix the rest of the ingrediants in a bowl or jar with a lid. Mix until the sugar is dissolved. When the carrots are done, drain and add to the jar. Let sit at least one hour.

In other news, I am making my own raspberry vinegar, so I can make my own raspberry vinegrette. I'll keep you posted.
Also, look what I got! I have looked all over Calgary for grits with no luck. I asked my boss to look in a specialty grocery store by his house for me. Without telling me, he called a friend that was coming to Canada for vacation, and asked him to bring me some. The 2 containers were sitting on my desk when I came to work this morning. I am kind of freaked out, because the pictures on the box were not what I was expecting grits to be, but then I didn't really know what to expect. Help! I need some suggestions/cooking tips. Tanna
can you or anyone out there help?


Anonymous said...

Those sandwhiches look good and I can't wait to see what you do with the grits.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I've never seen grits and wouldn't know what to do with them.

Your sandwich is inspirational!

Anonymous said...

It looks exactly like the picture on the front of our porridge oats pack. I suppose it is essentially the same thing except grits are from corn. I would like to try grits but they are not sold here that I know of.

We eat our porridge with yogurt, fruit and nuts in various combinations.

Sara said...

Mandy - thanks! The grits are freaking me out.
Pam - the sandwich was so good, maybe better than the ones in Chinatown.
Kitchen Hand - That is bad news for me because I don't really like porridge.

Sumitha said...

Thats a good recipe,Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sara, blogging is so cool.
First, mandolines are great a little difficult to get used to, that's why so many people get them and then put them away like I did and several other people who left me comments. I suggest until you get the mandoline look for a little julienne tool, I've got a picture on my gadget photo page. I believe Crate and Barrel and Sur la Table both carry them. It looks much like a veggie peeler.
Grits are beautiful and they can be but don't have to be like porridge. I've done two posts on grits and I'm working on a third right now, my Southwestern Grits Casserole. I'll try to have it up in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

I really like the look and sound of the sandwich especially the peanut sauce!

Jen said...

raspberry vinegrette, sounds wonderful!

Sara said...

sumitha - thank you!
tanna - thanks for all the advice. i'll check on your site later today.
jenjen - i hope it is!

Nichole D. said...

I like my grits with a splash of milk, a speinkle of brown siugar, and a small handful of chocolate chips.