Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blog Party #12 Passport Party

I am so excited this is my second Blog Party in a row! The wonderful hostess Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness is celebrating one year of her parties! For her 12th she asked that we base our food on a favorite destination or somewhere we'd like to travel to.
Since I haven't been to that many (none) exotic places, I chose the country of our number one dream trip - Spain.
Our first dish was Patatas Bravas - fierce potatos, a dish we had at a tapas restaurant earlier this summer. It is potato that is baked or fried and tossed with a spicy sauce. We cubed the potatos and baked them, then tossed them with a sauce of onion, tomato, white wine, red wine vinegar and paprika. The sauce was either a bit too thin or there was too much of it, but overall it was pretty nice.
Scott loved these mushrooms. I took 2 Spanish tapas ingredients - mushrooms and serrano ham - and made these wonderful stuffed caps. I finely diced the ham and mixed it with very finely minced onion and garlic. Stir in a glug of olive oil, paprika and pepper, stuff and bake.
Our drink was the best part of the party for me! We mixed white wine with Willaims Sonoma's sangria mix, added some fruit and drank away.

Thanks Stephanie for another wonderful time!


Tanna said...

Looks like great party fare. I'm liking those potatoes but then I'm a potato freak.

Pam said...

Wonderful submission Sara!!

Nerissa said...

ooh la la! Mind coming to one of the potlucks in town? LOL

Ruth said...

Wow, everything looks awesome - I wouldn't mind a trip to Spain myself.

Thanks for sharing

Chris said...

These look great. I can't wait to try them. Hoping I can get serano ham at The Fresh Market.

Nice job!

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