Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hot Sauce

We love hot sauce in the iliketocook household. It goes on everything - eggs, potatos, veggies, burgers, tomato slices, sandwiches, even bagels with cheese.

My favorite brand of hot sauce is from a local company called Some Like it Hot here in Calgary. They have a store in the NE, and you can find their stuff in Superstore and some specialty stores in town. For Christmas this year I received 3 bottles of their sauces:

From left they are: Congo Cowboy Mango Barbeque Sauce, Scarlet O'Pepper (The Genteel Hot Sauce), and Grandma Shivji's Chile and Garlic Hot Sauce. I am really excited about trying them out; I've never had these ones before. The small bottle on the right is their Acid Rain hot sauce. This is one mighty hot sauce. We've been working on this bottle for about 2 years now, and are almost halfway through it. It is so incredibly hot that one drop per plate of food is usually enough. Let's look at the list of peppers in the ingredients - habanero, piquin, ring of fire, peri-peri, tepin, and jalapeno. Damn.
All you Calgarians and Albertans out there - keep an eye out for this brand. You won't be disappointed.

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