Sunday, April 30, 2006


I AM: Canadian.
I WANT: World Peace.
I WISH: I could take an extended trip to Europe.
I HATE: The weather we are having today. Yesterday we sat on our deck all night. This morning it's SNOWING. Again.
I MISS: My family.
I HEAR: Some people better than others. Scott is a mumbler, people.
I WONDER: If the Calgary Flames will win game 6.
I REGRET: I have a lot of regrets.
I AM NOT: Wearing any shoes right now.
I DANCE: All around the house.
I SING: In the car when I drive to work.
I CRY: Sometimes at sad movies. The other night I cried while watching What Not to Wear. Oh, the shame.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Things to give to the people I love.
I WRITE: A lot, everyday at work.
I CONFUSE: Easily.
I NEED: To relax.
I SHOULD: Not be writing this, but cleaning my house instead.
I START: Projects with good intentions, but if they're not fun, it takes me forever to finish them.
I FINISH: Every day by reading before I go to sleep.

scooped from hillbilly, please.


purplecupcake said...

Cute meme!

peasantwench said...

I: discovered your site this morning and read throught the entire achives, stealing recipes the whole way. As a fellow Calgarian, I want to know where some of the stores you go to are - like the Lebanese market and where you get those peppers.


PS - I also moved to suburbia last year, after growing up in the inner city, and am still finding it to be a culture shock.

Sara said...

hi morgan! thanks for the comment. i always love to hear from calgarians. the culture shock...we were downtown this weekend - how much i miss it!
tell me which peppers you are referring to, and i'll tell you where they came from!

Jasmine said...

Hi Sara

I love this list...great statement of being.


Punky said...

Great meme. A very fun list indeed, and rather than catching up my own cleaning, I am reading it ;).