Friday, January 27, 2006


The Amateur Gourmet went to a taping of Iron Chef America. Who was the challenger? What was the secret ingrediant? What's up with Alton's earring? Adam will tell all! (Kinda.)

It's one of my dreams to one day go to Spain. Monkey Gland at Jam Faced was there. Check out what he has to say about Seville and some very nice pictures.

Congratulations to Tara at Seven Spoons who had a baby boy!

And congratulations to Jennifer, The Domestic Goddess who is expecting!

Check out the round up for Paper Chef #14, with a fantastic picture of Kitty Kaga at Belly Timber.

Alicat at Something So Clever would like to remind you - WCC is this weekend!

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tara said...

Thank you for the best wishes, it is appreciated more than I could express.