Thursday, September 08, 2005

Saturday night dinner - bread sticks with prosciutto

We had a big dinner. No pictures, but here are the recipes.

Bread sticks with prosciutto

Bread sticks

I saw this pictured in a newspaper. All it is is prosciutto wrapped around breadsticks. We couldn't find any breadsticks when we were shopping, and didn't have time to go to another grocery store, so what I did was buy a tube of pillsbury bread sticks and I cut each piece of dough in half length wise. I baked them for a little longer at a little higher heat to make sure they were crisp.

They were very good, but they should be put together immediately before you eat them. I wrapped the sticks about 20 minutes before I put them out, and the bread sticks had started to soften from the ham.

But they were tasty and popular.

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