Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Martha's Apprentice

So The Apprentice, Martha Stewart is on right now.

Matchstick - great name. Primarius - not so much.

I am already not liking Dawn. Jim can get out NOW. What a jackass. I went back and forth between liking him and feeling iffy about him. It's now the boardroom, and I officially hate him. Poor Jeff. I think he is being unfairly picked on.

And Martha! I liked the beginning. I also like her in the boardroom. Not as pompous and idiotic as "The Donald". Not crazy about the theme song.

Who's going to get kicked off? And what will Martha's line be? I really hope it isn't "You don't fit in" like I heard it might be.


Oh, Martha. Wrong move. How could you get rid of Jeff? And use that stupid line!

God I hate Jim and Dawn.

Martha so sweet, writing Jeff a note.

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Cate said...

I'm with you on Jim - ultra-annoying.