Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Buffalo Steak

Had the best dinner last night. When we were in B.C., we bought some buffalo steak. Last night we cooked it up.

Scott ground up some rosemary, garlic, chives and olive oil, and marinated the meat. We also cooked a rib eye steak too. I soaked that in some teriyaki sauce (my favorite). We made some potato salad, and had some corn that we had bought back from BC too, where we had gone to a corn boil. Instead of boiling or steaming the corn, we cooked it on the bbq. I pulled off some of the outer husk, and then pulled them down and pulled out all the silk. Then I replaced the husks, and threw them under some water for a minute. When the barbie was hot, we threw them on, and then turned them every 5 minutes or so, until the husks were charred and some of the kernels were brown/black. It seemed to take longer than we had expected, but I think our cheap barbie was having trouble keeping the temperature up with the enormous storm we were standing in. Anyone in the Calgary area knows what I am talking about. When we moved the bbq onto the driveway to start it up, the weather was so-so. Ten minutes later, the wind was howling, there was thunder and lightning and hail. We got completely soaked.

But was it worth it! The steak was good - I had never had buffalo before, and it's similar to beef. The corn was the best I'd ever had, especially the charred bits. I would do both again, but especially the corn. I think that the corn would work really well in recipes too. I have one for corncakes that I usually make when we have ham, and I think roasted corn would be great in place of raw corn.

The trip and some of our dinners lately have revved up my need to cook again. I have been reading cookbooks a lot lately and have found lots of new things to try. I do like to cook.

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