Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cinnamon Buns Take Two: The Cinnamon Bunning.

You may remember the Daring Bakers project for September was Cinnamon Buns. You may also remember that I did not like mine at all. To say I was disappointed in my cinnamon buns from September would be an understatement. I looooooove cinnamon buns but those were a total failure.

Shortly after we posted I was approached by Lis and asked if I'd like to try another cinnamon bun recipe - a knock off recipe of Cinnabon buns. Hell yes I wanted to try!

Last weekend through the magic of Yahoo a group of us - Lis from La Mia Cucina, Mary of Breadchick, Laura Rebecca of Laura Rebecca's Kitchen, Chris from Mele Cotte, Kelly of Sass and Veracity, Marce and Pip in the City, Helene of Tartlette and myself all baked together. It was fun to chat with such great ladies and the advice that was shared was incredibly helpful.

These buns were goooooooooood. They were easy to make (as were the DB buns), but baked up much nicer. The texture was really nice. The cinnamon-sugar-margarine (sorry Lisa!) filling was flavorful. And the icing? Pure heaven.

You can read the recipe for these lovely buns here.

Thanks again to my cinnamon bun pals. Sorry for not posting yesterday as the rest of you did. See you tomorrow for Novembers Daring Baker post.


Lis said...


Excellent way to wake me up this morning, my love. =)

Your bun looks delish even if there'a margarine in there. :P

I heart that plate!


breadchick said...

Yea for your buns!!! They are so cute and big (he-he)

Sara, as always it was a delight to bake and chat with you and I'm so glad you were able to join us.

Now, I wish I could lick that little bit of frosting that is dribbled on the plate..

Laura Rebecca said...

Hee! I'm so glad you had terrific results with this recipe & I can't wait until we all do this again.

kellypea said...

Sara, I agree that that the icing was pure heaven. Would love to have some right now, but will have to settle for pumpkin pie.

And sorry for messing up the "conference." I'll get it right next time. Cool plate, btw!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

You didn't leave us much of the cinnamon bun there Sara!

Chris said...

That little piece? Wouldn't have had a change near me...:) The gooey ooey-ness...its calling to me!

Jenny said...

I see you managed to restrain yourself long enough to get a picture. :-)

test it comm said...

Looks good.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I'd just been thinking I'd like to make cinnamon buns again. Will give that recipe a try. I'm also going to order a load of clothes a few sizes bigger as my jeans are starting to cut me in half and it's really difficult to breathe.